Air Dry Paints

Applying Sealer

Vinyl Head Being Sealed
Vinyl Head Being Sealed
Head with pained veins
Head with pained veins
Vinyl Head Being Sealed
Vinyl Head Being Sealed
Head painted & varnished
Head painted & varnished

Veins & skin Tone Added

Applying Matt Varnish

Ready For Hair Rooting

Air Dry Paints do as exactly as the name says, air dry. No need to bake your reborn in the oven or use a heat gun, they just dry naturally...

You will however need Sealer and Medium to use these paints. Please see

myAir Dry Paints Tutorialfor details and theF.A.Q.s at the bottom of this page

My Tutorial is also now on my YouTube Channel

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Q. Why add Medium and not just water?

A. The Medium I supply adds transparency and allows the paint to retain its' adhesion qualities

without diluting the colour. I would not recommend water alone for applying to vinyl.

Q. How long does the paint take to dry?

A. The paint dries very quickly and is completely dry within 24 hrs. But curing of the paint is

essential and will take 2 weeks to cure completely.

Q. Can I use heat to dry the paint faster?

A. Yes. I use my heat gun for areas where I want to speed up the process but you could also use

a hairdryer if you don't have a heat gun.

Q. When can I root my baby's hair?

A. I normally leave for week after varnishing, then start the rooting process.

Q. What if my baby looks shiny after applying the sealer?

A. You can thin the sealer down more by adding a tad more water. However, once the painting is

complete and Matt Varnish is applied the shine will go completely. The sealer may also feel "tacky"

when dry, this is normal.

Q. Can I still use Genesis Matt Varnish?

A. Yes, you can. Use just as you would when using Genesis Heat Set Paints.

Q. Can I still use Genesis 3D (Thick) Medium for my eyebrows etc.?

A. Yes you can, before varnishing. I usually use a heat gun for this as I never put vinyl in the oven,

but only as a matter of preference.

Q. Can I intermix the Air Dry Paints?

A. Yes just mix the colours together to make the colour of your choice. It's good to experiment!

Q. When I use other Matt Varnishes they dry with a sheen? Is yours any different?

A. I started playing with Air Dry Paints and varnishes months ago and after making many errors

and using different products (all non toxic) . I am now happy with these results and believe these

particular paints and varnishes to be a terrific alternative to Heat Set Paints.

Q. Can I remove the paint after it has "cured"?

A. Yes, you can remove Air Dry Paints the same way as with Heat Set Paints, that is with Acetone.

This will remove all traces of paint leaving you with a completely reusable kit.

Matt Varnish Technique

Shake the bottle well before use. I use a tiny amount of Matt varnish in my palette and with a brush

apply a couple of brush strokes to a large pouncing sponge, dab the pouncing sponge on to a piece

of kitchen towel to remove any excess, then pounce over a small area - repeating until the varnish is

just a very thin covering (you can also use a cosmetic sponge to go over the area). Everything has to

be applied in very thin layers. A second coat may be added if required. 24 hrs. is required between coats.

Time and patience gives the best results.